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Containers Set To Play Role In SA Covid Vaccine Rollout

The versatility of shipping containers really is incredible, from the projects we’ve seen where used shipping containers are transformed into shopping centres, to the initiatives where they’re used for micro-homes.

In South Africa containers are already being used as clinics and chronic medication pick-up points to help people in the country access healthcare and now it looks as though their role could be expanded to include vaccination centres, Business Insider reported.

Pharmaceutical company Cipla, which was behind the deployment of the shipping container clinics, has confirmed that it is exploring how similar facilities could be used to help with South Africa’s Covid-19 vaccination initiative.

The company’s foundation runs the Sha’p Left project, which has seen 70 such clinics deployed around the country.

According to the news provider, these facilities could be key to helping South Africa vaccinate people in more rural locations, because they can be fitted with refrigeration units allowing them to safely store temperature-sensitive vaccines, like those being rolled out to immunise people against Covid-19.

Paul Miller, chief executive officer of Cipla South Africa and trustee of the Cipla Foundation, told the publication that the company has told the South African government that it is prepared to support vaccination efforts if required.

This isn’t the first time that shipping containers have been used in a healthcare setting during the pandemic. In Italy, shipping containers were converted into specialist intensive care units to help the country deal with its first wave of Covid-19 infections in the spring and summer of 2020.

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