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Shipping Containers Used For Covid-19 Care Units In Italy

Italy has been hit badly by the spread of coronavirus over the last couple of months, with thousands of people dying and many more being treated in hospital due to the deadly illness. That is why the country’s health department have been forced to look at alternative buildings to provide necessary treatment for patients, including setting up intensive care units (ICU) within new shipping containers.

Italian architects Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota have designed a two-bed hospital facility inside the metal structures, which have now been installed at a temporary hospital within the Officine Grandi Riparazioni complex in central Turin.

The Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments (Cura) have been created to provide greater ICU capacity in one of the worst affected areas of the country.

Speaking with Dezeen, Ratti said: “Cura has required quite a bit of work to make sure that everything would fit inside them and that doctors would be comfortable with intubating patients inside it."

He noted that tents and pop-up hospitals would have been inadequate, as 12 air changes are required per hour, while negative pressure within the room is needed to prevent the virus from leaking.

“Using shipping containers, each with its own air treatment and filtering system, it is possible to make Cura pods as fast to mount as a tent hospital, but as safe to operate as a proper infectious disease ward,” the designer stated.

This is not the first time shipping containers have been used to help others, as The Yorkshire Post recently revealed a young man has converted one into a micro-home for people who are trying to detox from drugs and have nowhere to live.

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