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All of our shipping and storage containers are made of high grade Corten steel are more resistant to the effects of wind and weather and they are designed to last for many years. Our containers are fitted with a high security locking system and, being mobile units, do not usually need planning permission although we always advise that you should check in your local area.

We have supplied containers everywhere from school playgrounds to industrial estates, and from building sites to back gardens. There is now an ever growing trend to convert shipping containers into a wide range of practical and creative constructions, such as homes, offices, pop up shops, bars and even swimming pools!

Make sure when buying a container for storage you assess wether it needs to be weather proof known in the industry as ‘wind and watertight’.  

As well as new and weather proof units. We sell a number of great value units that may need some repair work in order to make them more weather proof.

What we can supply:

  • New, Used wind & water tight and Used shipping containers needing repair

  • Lock box (supplied with New Shipping Containers as standard)

  • Lock Boxes can be fitted to Used Wind & water tight and Used Shipping containers

  • Insulation service available

  • Delivery/Transport services

  • Heavy duty padlocks

The most popular container padlocks in the industry are CISA 285/75 which are a high security sliding shackle “block” lock.  When fitted with a “lockbox” on the outside of the container it provides a secure locking system that helps to prevent unauthorised access into the container – a must for container security

You are most likely looking for a Storage Container because security is important to you. Secure storage containers are made from corrugated Corten steel which is a “copper rich” steel – the copper element helps reduce the speed of erosion in the event of paint damage. The steel is of a 1.6mm-2mm thickness, making Corten containers extremely secure.

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If you need something a bit more unusual, we can help with that too. We can supply units with:

  • Side opening doors

  • Personnel doors

  • Doors at both ends

  • Windows

  • Lining and insulation

We have a continuously moving inventory of containers for sale

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These are considered "new" in shipping container terms. They are manufactured abroad (usually China) and imported with cargo, to save on costs.



In good condition, watertight, but with some cosmetic wear and tear. Usually 10-15 years old.

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Used units requiring some repairs, some rust patches, holes and not weatherproof.

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Cut down containers are the product of an ever growing storage container movement, when a standard sized container won’t fit or isn’t suitable. Our storage containers represent unbeatable value for money in terms of secure anti-vandal storage, and because we have our own in-house depot facility, we keep everything in house to save on costs. For more cut down container ideas, see example of our range of sizes: 10ft, 15ft, 25ft and 30ft.

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10ft, 20ft and 40ft are our most popular sizes.
Click on the link below to download the container sizes.

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