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Trendy Pizza Chain Brings Shipping Container Drive-Thrus To UK

Property firm Colliers International has been tasked by pizza restaurant chain @pizza to find suitable locations for drive-thru shipping container outlets. Initial locations for the drive-thrus include Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Birmingham.

@pizza is currently rated as the number one pizza restaurant on Trip Advisor in Edinburgh, where it has a restaurant site, as well as one in Birmingham. The new drive-thru units will be able to make ten pizzas every minute due to its high-tech conveyor ovens, which promise 150 per cent higher capacity than traditional wood-fired pizza ovens, reports Retail Times.

The chain prides themselves on their pizzas being healthy, calorie counted, low sugar and low carb, as well as gluten-free options, and a vast 858 vegan combinations to choose from.

Tom Beaumont, the associate director, licensed and leisure, at Colliers International, explained that the shipping container units will be sited in car parks, taking up the space of approximately seven vehicles, and customers will be able to order via an app before having the option of collection, or delivery to their car.

“The cost of opening is circa £120,000 per site, compared with £650,000-plus for a restaurant so this is a particularly attractive option for restaurant brands as a way to move forward and attract new customers nationwide during the current pandemic,” he added.

Bhasker Dhir, chief operating officer and co-founder at @pizza, wanted to combine quality and speed, as well as being able to offer everything that any pizza lover could want, and at any time of day, no matter the occasion.

“Last year, customers waited an average of 255 seconds in a drive-thru lane. With a 90-second cook time and an ability to cook ten pizzas per minute, @pizza can perform well within those averages,” he said.

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