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Top Tips When Buying A Shipping Container

There are a lot of reasons you may consider picking up a storage container for sale. They are long-lasting, versatile and huge units that have a wide range of functions.

Besides shipping, we have discussed several innovative and creative ways shipping containers have been used to make everything from shopping arcades to bird watching stations.

However, before you buy a container, make sure you pay the following in mind, to make sure your container is fit for purpose.

Check The CSC Plate

Whilst having a Container Safety Convention (CSC) safety approval plate is only required for international shipping, having a plate means that the container is cargo-worthy, and therefore robust, wind and watertight.

If you are planning on using a container for cargo, make sure it has that plate, but in other cases, it is a nice-to-have as it shows exactly how much you can stack it and use it for other purposes.

Check The History

Shipping containers have a long, hard life to match how strong and durable they are. They travel across the seas in treacherous conditions, and sometimes containers show their age more than others.

Sometimes this is just cosmetic, but if the structural bearers are corroded or rusted, that could make the container risky to use either as storage or for other purposes.

Check how the container has been sued in the past as well as how it has been stored. A reputable seller will be able to provide this information and also offer protection against hidden damage.

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