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Small Properties Growing In Popularity

Prefabricated and small properties are experiencing a surge in popularity, Luxury London recently revealed, noting that this desire for smaller yet well designed properties has grown out of a desire to find more sustainable and affordable ways to live.

The news provider explained that increasing house prices and space constraints, particularly in cities like London, are encouraging more people to explore how they could live in a home that has less physical space.

While the examples of small and modular homes highlighted by Luxury London are at the higher end of the market and designed by some of the world’s top architects, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more affordable options to help you jump on this bandwagon.

You could buy a used shipping container, for example, and convert it into a compact and efficient living space.

As an article for How Stuff Works pointed out last year, shipping container homes “combine innovation and durability in one self-contained package”.

There’s also no reason why you only have to stick to one shipping container, with some people choosing to stack containers to make a two-storey home. The news provider noted that there are a few things you should consider before you purchase a container to convert into a dwelling.

Among the most important is the condition of the shipping container, which will usually be determined by where it’s travelled to and how many journeys it’s made. One top tip is to pressure wash the container before you start any kind of conversion to make sure it’s clean of any contaminants that may be left over from its previous life as a shipping container.

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