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Shipping Containers Used To Create London Office Block!

These days, it’s not unusual to hear about innovative uses for new shipping containers - and today is certainly no exception!

We’ve just come across this article on the Dezeen website, detailing how a nine-storey office block in London is about to be built using shipping containers, making it the tallest building made in this way in the world.

Patalab Architecture now has approval in place to move ahead with its plans and, once complete, the office block - to be found in Whitechapel in the east of the city - will be 26m high... taller than the Freitag Store in Zurich, which is currently the tallest shipping container building.

Uwe Schmidt-Hess, founder of the company, was quoted by the news source as saying: “On the one hand this construction is a very economic way, with offsite modular manufacturing and a considerably shorter time on site. On the other, it is the aesthetic quality of the shipping containers that we feel responds well to the brief.”

The containers will be stacked nine high and cut in such a way as to create open plan office spaces inside. The corridors will be lined with corrugated metal and coloured in relation to the design schemes used by freight companies to paint shipping containers.

Naturally, this isn’t the first project of its kind and we’ve also heard tell of plans in place to build an entire village out of containers of this kind.

According to Chronicle Live, the future of the village - due to be built in Ouseburn - was in doubt at one stage because of road safety concerns but the derelict Canvas Works site project has now been given the green light, with the developer allowed more time to redraw plans and resolve the parking issues.

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