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Shipping Containers Converted To Secluded Australian Mountain Getaway

When most people talk about shipping containers, the terms they are least likely to use include “retreat”, “relaxing” and “rustic”, but a set of shipping containers have been converted into the ultimate mountain getaway in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.

The Tiny House, based atop a mountain in Mansfield, Victoria, is made from a pair of shipping containers linked together with a timber deck.

One of which is a bedroom and open-plan bathroom and the other has been converted into a kitchen and living room, with both indoor and outdoor cast-iron fireplaces to keep guests warm at night.

The containers were built with a rustic minimalist style in mind, made of plywood and timber which looks natural but ultimately is there not to distract from the sheer unadulterated beauty of Mansfield’s mountain views.

It is off the grid, although a 12-volt battery provides power, and running water is also available, providing enough creature comforts to enable a couple to relax and prepare for adventure atop a set of rolling hills and mountains.

The focus is on embracing and being a part of nature, so people who stay there will be woken by breathtaking sunrises, native animals wander within close proximity of the house, although Mansfield itself is a five-minute drive away if a couple needs supplies.

Whilst converting a shipping container for sale into a miniature home or hotel is not without precedent, there is something poetic about a shipping container, a vital part of a busy shipping world, being used to enable people to escape it all for a short time.

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