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Shipping Container Turned Into Outdoor Pool

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Now that the weather is heating up, the idea of an outdoor swimming pool to cool down in sounds very appealing. While there is currently a lack of such venues in the UK, there could be more popping up in the future, inspired by a town in Canada that turned a shipping container into a refreshing pool.

Ville-Marie borough in Montreal recently opened La Piscinette in Jos-Montferrand Park. The shipping container was filled with salt water and situated at the corner of rue du Havre and rue Sainte-Catherine, MTL Blog reported.

It is hoped the temporary pool will allow locals to cool off, as it can become extremely hot in the area, due to poor tree coverage and urban concrete buildings.

The pool, which is open every day between 1200 and 1900, allows 20 people to enjoy splashing around at any one time.

Children under the age of five can only go in the water if someone is holding their hand, while those under the age of seven must be with an adult.

Next to the pool, there are hammocks, a picnic area, volleyball court and bathroom, allowing visitors to enjoy a lovely afternoon by the water. There is also a games box, which is stocked with volleyballs, shovels, buckets, and rackets, while local libraries have come together to provide board games and books for the public, which can be found in another box.

This could be something towns in the UK might be interested in installing soon, as the Met Office has warned of a week-long heatwave, extending its amber heat warning until next Monday (July 18th).

Temperatures as high as 40C could be seen in some areas by the end of the week, the Telegraph revealed.

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