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Shipping Container Transformed Into Yoga Studio

Brighton residents could benefit from a yoga studio and café if plans are approved by the council.

Westfield Investments has applied for permission to put a two-storey shipping container on St Peter’s Street, just off Providence Place Gardens, on the site’s existing car park, Brighton and Hove News reported.

The development company bought the corner of Belmont Street and Cheapside from Brighton and Hove City Council in 2020, with the majority of the site being occupied by offices.

According to Lewis & Co Planning, which wrote the application, the yoga studio will help transform the area, which has suffered from graffiti.

The uses (café, coffee shop and fitness studio) are uses that would typically be found in such city centre locations and so will have an acceptable impact on local residents,” the application stated, adding: “The proposed siting of containers on the site will improve the appearance of an underused part of the site.”

Westfield Investments believes the studio will reduce anti-social behaviour in the area through the “introduction of additional formal activity”.

The company is hoping its application for a five-year permission to have the shipping containers will be approved, before it embarks on its longer-term plans for the site, which includes building more than 30 homes.

Shipping containers have become popular social venues over the last few years, and Manchester has recently opened a new wine bar in its up-and-coming cultural centre, Pollard Yard in New Islington.

According to I Love Manchester, Le Social is offering a selection of natural wines and deli boards at Pollard Yard Wine Bar between 2pm and 10pm every Saturday.

Founder Jérôme Boullier told the publication: “I want to create an alternative wine-led space, which is centred on experience and inclusivity.”

If this has inspired you to buy a used shipping container in the UK, take a look here.

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