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Shipping Container Hotel And Office Space Receives Temporary Approval

A hotel and office complex built from shipping containers is set to be built in Haggerston after temporary planning permission was granted by Hackney councillors.

The planning application, sent by shipping container accommodation specialists SnoozeBox was set to be built on the corner of Ormsby and Pearson Street, a location that currently lies vacant.

In total the land will house 79 office units and 44 hotel rooms, ten per cent of the former with rates set at 60 per cent of the nearby market rate.

This set-up continues a trend of developers choosing to buy new shipping containers and convert them into affordable retail, business and residential developments in lieu of other types of construction.

SnoozeBox themselves have two developments in London already; one is based in Canary Wharf and the other in Stratford. Other developers have created restaurants, retail complexes, food courts and other business space from shipping containers.

These tend to be targeted towards tourists, businesses that are conscious about costs and Millenials, featuring an outdoor terrace, en-suite wet room and enough room for two adults and a child.

The response from councillors was largely positive to the new development although their remarks indicated that they believe the space to be temporary and expect it to be dismantled in five years, although they leave the possibility open for future applications.

Overall, it is claimed that the development will bring 180 full time and part-time jobs to Hackney, as well as offer affordable office space to small businesses and startups following a time of economic difficulty to the area.

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