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Shipping Container Converted To Shelter For Homeless

A man from Leeds has converted a shipping container into a shelter for the homeless and their pets in the city.

The Yorkshire Post reported on the project that Haydon Lee Jessop has started, revealing that he spent time in prison in 2013 after getting involved in drugs and violence when he was young.

Now, the 28 year old has turned his life around and is hoping to help others do the same. He’s converting a used shipping container into a micro home for someone who’s trying to get off drugs.

It’s being run by his charity, Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds, and the micro home will be available to someone who’s on a year-long detox programme. They’re also allowed to bring their pet with them, if they have one.

During the six months that they’ll stay in the micro home they’ll learn employment skills. In total, Mr Jessop aims to have eight such homes on a single site in the city. He also wants the people who will be living in them to help convert them.

“The idea is to get the people living in there to help us out. We’ll get people the help they need, and in return they can repay us by helping to build more homes so we can help even more people,” he told the newspaper.

Last month, Dezeen revealed that a growing number of people are cottoning onto the benefits of shipping container homes, with the containers making building new homes more affordable than traditional methods.

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