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Sheffield To See Shipping Container Shopping Centre

Most people expect their shopping centres to be high-rise buildings made from glass and filled with escalators and other modern facilities. However, the latest trend will see shoppers enjoy their day out looking around shipping containers instead.

This is what customers in Sheffield can expect soon, as a new retail hub will be set up at the top of Fargate in the city centre, Examiner Live recently reported.

The centre is costing £300,000 and will feature shops, food outlets, outdoor seating, a big TV screen, living walls and toilet facilities.

Government grants, such as the Get Britain Building Fund, are helping to pay for the attraction, with the council hoping the retail facility will revitalise the local area.

One of the food traders that will use one of the containers is Get Wurst, serving German street food.

Husband and wife team Paul and Lindsay Melbourne, who started Get Wurst five years ago, told the publication: “We are really excited to be going into the new Steel Yard development and in a town centre location.”

With regards to its unique premises, Mr Melbourne stated: “You wouldn’t know you were in a shipping container with the way they are designed. They just look amazing.”

Sheffield is not the only northern city adopting the shipper container trend, as wine bar Le Social has recently opened in Manchester.

Manchester Evening News revealed the wine bar has just three tables that need to be booked in advance, making the drinking experience here even more exclusive.

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