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How To Set Up A Shipping Container Pool

Shipping containers are an incredibly versatile invention, one filled with clever innovations and serendipitous design, materials and construction standards that have meant that they are not only the standard way to send large cargo around the world but have seen many other uses too.

A shipping container for sale may not necessarily be destined to travel along the Suez Canal or transport entire shipments of goods, but instead can be used to construct temporary offices, shops or even elaborate homes.

One of the more interesting and more popular uses for a shipping container, however, is to take advantage of their unique dimensions and inherent robustness to create a swimming pool out of a standard shipping container.

Here are the steps you need to take before you start.

Get Planning Permission

Get in touch with your local authority to ensure that you can fit your swimming pool. Most outdoor swimming pools do not require planning permission, but like with any development project, it is important to ensure you are within the law so you can have a fun pool that is actually legal to use.

Strengthen And Waterproof

Shipping containers are very strong, but given how heavy water is and how full the tank will be, the container must be supported on its sides, given that most containers tend to have their strength on the corners and base of the structure.

As well as this, this is the time to work out how deep a pool you want to make and cut it to size, constructing a lip to cover the sharp edges and keep it strong.

After this comes waterproofing, which involves adding an extra layer over the plywood lining to ensure that water does not damage the container underneath. You will also need to rust treat and paint the inside and outside of the container.

Install The Plumbing

Fit the pumps, filters and intake pipes you will need to make it a pool. It is worth talking to an expert in pool construction or supplies to ensure you have the right setup for your area.

Once everything is fitted, install the pool in your area of choice, turn on the pumps and you are ready to take a dip.

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