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Hospitals Using Shipping Containers To Add Space

As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the world, there are some innovative uses of materials and resources appearing to help increase capacity at busy hospitals.

In the US, for instance, one firm is converting used shipping containers into ward space for a hospital in Georgia, Atlanta, AJC reported.

BMarko Structures is the company behind the innovation, which usually produces offices, restaurants and other spaces from used shipping containers. However, after seeing the growing need for more hospital beds around the US, they decided to instead use these containers to create hospital rooms.

Tyler Wise, company spokesman, explained why they thought they should step in and help. “We have the ability to create things quicker than with traditional construction, and we wanted to help,” he told the news provider.

Each of the shipping container pods contains four beds, as well as bathrooms, and could be used to accommodate any patients, not just those suffering from COVID-19, he added.

Dezeen recently reported that shipping containers have also been used in Italy to create more intensive care space.

The publication revealed that Italian architects Carlo Ratti and Italo Rota designed a two-bed intensive care unit using shipping containers for Turin hospital, and that this space is now being used to treat patients with COVID-19.

The speed with which these structures can be converted into all kinds of spaces makes them a good choice for anyone who is looking to increase capacity somewhere like a hospital in a time of need.

If you’re interested in buying a used shipping container for any kind of construction project, get in touch with us today.

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