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CSC Takes To The Skies

Container Sales Centre has helped a flight simulator business get off the ground with a refurbished shipping container to house a state-of-the-art flight simulator for training wannabe pilots before they climb in the cockpit of the real thing.

Denbighshire Free Press reports that recently launched Chesim Air Ltd, owned by keen pilot Nigel Chesters found the perfect solution to base his operation with a 20-foot storage unit, delivered to an airfield in Shropshire.

Now amateur pilots can get used to the controls of a small aircraft while soaring over the Mediterranean of the Cote D’Azur into Nice, crossing the deserts of Australia, or even navigating the busy flight paths to Heathrow, with the aid of the virtual reality simulator.

Inside the container is the cockpit of an actual aircraft, G-WARZ, a 1997 Piper Cherokee Warrior two-seater aeroplane, equipped with a high-tech G1000 avionics suite. A wrap-around screen provides the visuals for simulating flight, all of which needed a self-contained and secure container providing the darkness needed for the simulator screens.

“You can get flight simulator programmes for your computer but they don’t come with wrap-around screens which give you the actual sensation of being in a real aircraft which this is and this is the first of its kind around here,” said Nigel.

The watertight and insulated container from CSC is ‘perfect’, he added.

CSC’s own Lisa James explained that it was a perfect example of how shipping containers can be put to such a wide variety of uses, whether they’re brand new units or used containers that buyers can fit out to their particular requirements.

If you have a project or business and you are looking for used shipping containers for sale, then get in touch today!

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