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Could Shipping Containers Provide Eco-Friendly Homes?

There’s a growing realisation that we need to start thinking more carefully about the resources we use in every area of society, including housebuilding. One idea that’s developing traction is using shipping containers to help construct new homes.

Teton Gravity recently reported on how one couple of have transformed a used shipping container into an eco-friendly home.

Robin Van Gyn and her boyfriend Austen Sweetin bought an old shipping container and installed it on Robin’s plot of land on Vancouver Island in Canada. The pair have worked hard to create a small living space that’s also eco-friendly and off-grid.

Ms Van Gyn explained that getting the off-grid part of the build right was one of the most challenging elements of the project. It required a lot of research to find the right clean energy options and to learn how to do things like harvest rainwater.

One of the other things they focused on was creating a stunning decked area outdoors, so that they can make the most of the wilderness they live in when the weather allows.

She also had some advice for anyone else who’s planning to buy a used shipping container to create their own home. “Do not take the info that you get on the internet at face value. Do more research. Stereotypical websites like Pinterest make the building seem super simple, and it’s not,” Ms Van Gyn stressed. But that said, she thinks it’s worth the effort for the end result.

CBC recently revealed that one developer has created a family home using old shipping containers. 3Leafs unveiled the design last week, explaining that there are several benefits to using containers in this way, including reducing the reliance on timber as a building material and preventing containers from ending up in landfill.

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