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Building With Shipping Containers Takes Off In Tampa

If you’re considering how you can develop a new business premises, particularly in an industrial-looking area, one option is to buy used shipping containers. When properties are constructed using these items, they can look great and be ready quickly.

Creative Loafing Tampa Bay recently pointed out how the trend for building with used shipping containers has taken off in this part of the US.

It cited a number of developments that have embraced these items, using them to create quirky restaurants and entire complexes that local people can enjoy.

Sparkman Wharf, which the publication described as a “family-friendly foodie hub in Channelside”, was the first development of this kind but there have been several others following suit lately.

Among them is an immersive art experience being created by Crab Devil, a local artist, with shipping containers utilised for the experience. It’s located on N. Nebraska Ave in Tampa.

In 2020, there could be yet another addition, with plans underway for retail shopping centre The Grove, which is in Wesley Chapel, to create a container park using repurposed shipping containers.

The planning application said that the finished project would consist of a 14-unit complex, which will house a range of food and beverage outlets, as well as recreation facilities for the general public.

This project is expected to use 80 to 100 containers, and will be built in two initial phases, with a possible third phase for the development.

Over in the UK this month, there was an unusual use of an old shipping container - in Dudley in the West Midlands a shipping container was used as a polling station for the general election on 12 December, the Yorkshire Post reported.

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