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B&B Praised For Shipping Container Use

A B&B in Sleaford, Lincolnshire has divided opinion by installing a used shipping container behind its property and converting it into two rooms.

The Eat Drink Sleep B&B had its retrospective planning application for the container turned down by the local council, who described it as “appalling”.

However, many locals in the town have taken to social media to slam the council for its decision, stating that they should instead praise the B&B for using a recycled shipping container in an innovative way to add space to their property.

Many acknowledged that the exterior of the container doesn’t currently look that appealing, but stressed that this could be easily rectified with cladding and that the council should instead direct the owner to address the appearance of the container, rather than forcing them to remove it altogether.

In the retrospective planning application, the owner of the B&B said the container was “in keeping with the industrial nature of Money Mills area”. They also revealed that they intended to paint the container and create a natural roof garden on top of it.

One local wrote on social media: “Can’t believe that the council would stand in the way of much-needed and well thought out accommodation, and the fact that they’re recycled shipping containers is even better!”

A growing number of organisations are seeing how used shipping containers can help them create new spaces affordably.

Glasgow Live recently reported that a scheme to construct offices from used shipping containers has been given approval. The site at Pinkston Basin on the Forth and Clyde Canal will see multiple containers stacked on top of one another to create an office complex.

If you want to buy used shipping containers for a construction project, get in touch with us today.

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