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Aussie Shipping Container Home On The Market For $300,000

A beachside home in South Australia made from two shipping containers fused together is on the market for an astonishing $300,000, the Daily Mail reports. Shipping containers are often repurposed for living spaces, but this example certainly takes the concept to the next level!

The home doesn’t look much different to any prefab construction from the outside, but inside, the modern and stylish interiors could easily be mistaken for a swanky city centre pad. The front area is taken up by a state-of-the-art kitchen and bathroom, complete with a spacious wet area.

The boxes are joined by a central deck area, and the bedrooms and living space are to the rear. The property also has good outside space, with a garage, shed, and a workshop, plus four carparking spaces. The location, at Thompson Beach, some 45 miles south of the popular city of Adelaide, certainly adds to its appeal!

Like many other areas of the world, Australia is experiencing chronic shortages in the supply of building materials, coupled with high demand for housing, which is putting pressure on the property market. For these reasons, it is predicted that prefabricated housing will become more popular over the next few years.

Here in the UK, there is also a growing appetite for the prefab market, PCB reports. It is seen as the ideal solution to tackle the high-carbon building industry, and to inject an adequate number of new homes into the UK’s overstretched housing market.

Modular construction methods are much faster than traditional building, and have the advantage of needing far less heavy plant and unsustainable resources. The new, eco-friendly methods are energy efficient and of high quality; a world away from the inferior post-war prehab houses that have a poor public image, the article explains.

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