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Starburst Shipping Container Luxury House For Sale

In what is one of the most expensive and luxurious ways to buy used shipping containers, a London designer is selling a soon-to-be-built designer house made from shipping containers for $3.5m (£2.62).

The home, 0 Wagon Wheel Road, has been designed by James Whitaker and is based just one mile from the entrance of Joshua Tree National Park in California.

The project, shaped like a starburst and made from several shipping containers painted white positioned at all angles, caused a storm when the design was initially unveiled in 2017 but has taken until 2020 before the elaborate plans become reality.

According to Whitaker, construction will start in the middle of next year, assuming the container modifications work well.

These containers will be lifted off of the ground by concrete columns and the stark brutalist exterior design is matched by a minimalist interior.

The interior consists of bright white walls jutting in all directions and concrete floors and each of the starburst arms are designed to provide a panoramic look of the rock formations, Joshua Trees and natural beauty of the surrounding area.

The initial plan for the house came from film producer Chris Hanley (American Psycho, Spring Breakers), based on his own concept for offices built from shipping containers.

According to Whitaker, there has already been a significant level of interest from bands and fashion brands to use the house as part of publicity and photoshoot opportunities.

This is one of the more unusual uses of shipping containers but also one that highlights the potential for containers as a building material, at all ends of the housing market.

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