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Shipping Containers Become Great Additions To Cotswold Homes

A pair of entrepreneurs based in Gloucestershire has been helping householders in the Cotswolds to create wonderful new features in their back gardens using shipping containers.

Experienced joiners Simon Gaskell and Chris Walker, who live in Nailsworth, have been helping to transform shipping crates into a range of exciting facilities, including garden sheds, chalts, offices, glamping chalets and even cricket pavilions, Gloucestershire Live reports.

Their small company has been repurposing the containers for a range of new uses by taking advantage of the fact that as single units, they can be placed wherever the householder wants them without requiring any planning permission.

Mr Gaskell said the fact that the containers are “amazingly strong” means they offer the advantage of great durability.

He added: "They can survive for 30 years in the ocean and still stay dry and waterproof. People are using them for all sorts of reasons; glamping, a spare room, an office, even a cinema room.”

Another advantage of the containers he noted was that they do not require any foundations to be dug, unlike a shed. This also means people can take the container with them if they move house.

Mr Gaskell came up with the idea after he and his wife spent five years living in a mobile home.

The myriad of examples of how these containers can be used may appeal to various people for different reasons.

For some, the experience of lockdown may have sparked a desire to make more use of the available space around their property, but others may attempt something altogether more ambitious.

Finding a used shipping container for sale an be made part of a self-build project, especially one that seeks to recycle existing materials and objects.

Self-building is an increasingly popular way of acquiring a dream home, with schemes supporting the industry including the Graven Hill development at Bicester in Oxfordshire, the largest self-build scheme in Britain.

Other places where self-build is encouraged include Teignbridge in Devon, where the local council has a rule setting aside five per cent of hosue building development land for self-builds.

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