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Shipping Container To Be Yorkshire Pet Crematorium

There have been several unconventional uses for shipping containers reported over the years, from swimming pools to vaccination centres, but few can have yet been converted into a pet crematorium. However, there is a first time for everything, and now the Yorkshire Post reports that facilities are being put in place at Stonefall Cemetery.

Harrogate Borough Council have recently approved plans for the unusual crematorium, as a surge in pet ownership during the lockdown put an extra strain on services. The council will offer a collection service for those unable to transport their deceased pet themselves. A ‘goodbye area’ will also be available in a converted storage block.

John Club, Harrogate Council commercial and community development manager, told the publication: “Currently there are something like 1.5million pets living in households across Yorkshire and the Humber. Within the Harrogate district, that equates to about 47,000 pets that we love and keep in our homes.”

He added: “Sadly around 10 per cent of these animals will pass every year and increasingly pet owners want to ensure there is a dignified and respectful send off for their pets. As a result, pet cremations are now becoming more popular and as a local authority we of course have vast experience caring for the bereaved.”

Pets are now regarded as members of the family by many of us, and several councils across the country are setting up similar facilities, although perhaps in more conventional structures. Charges will depend on the size of the pet, with smaller cats and rabbits costing about £50, and larger dogs upwards of £200.

The container will be kitted out with a chest freezer to store the deceased animals if necessary. The service will provide peace of mind for owners, who do not always feel they have control over what happens to their beloved pets once they pass away. The chance to provide a respectful and fitting send off will be welcomed by many.

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